Student Budget Tool - Academic Year 2014-2015

The Student Budget Tool for Academic Year 2013-2014 is still available for use for your convenience.

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Financial Aid Applied To Student Bill Fall Spring
Direct Unsubsidized Loan
Perkins Loan
Direct GradPLUS
Scholarship Award
HUECU Loan (International Loan)
Other Private Alternative Loan
Sponsored Payment
Tuition Deposit
Other Financial Resources to be paid directly to the E-Bill
Stipend/FWS/Wages Estimated Monthly Wages
Stipend/FWS/Wages (Please note: this calculates your monthly earnings over the full nine month academic year)
Savings/Checking Account Balance (prior to academic year)
Total Personal Account Balances
Per Semester Budget Items (Estimates) Fall Spring
Tuition (Review pop-up to determine your tuition per term)
Academic Transcript Fee
Registration Fee
HUSHP Student Health Fee (SHF)
HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
Other Charges
Non Student Bill Budget Items Monthly Cost
Books and Supplies
Rent and Utilities
Other Monthly Bills

Student Budget Tool Instructions

This budget worksheet is designed for you to fill in the gray areas while referring to your financial aid awards and resources. Additionally you should assess the allowable fees and make sure that our estimates are in line with your actual costs. The budget is based on the standard HSPH budget and allowable living expenses. Standard financial aid packages can not exceed the cost of living budget that we allow without an appeal.

Students with less expenses than what we allow should consider reducing loans if applicable. You are encouraged to review expenses and review the yellow section at the bottom to determine if there will be any short falls. Reviewing the monthly versus semesterly breakdown in expenses will hopefully help you in staying on a monthly budget and not overspending early in each term. If you find that you have a shortfall, supplemental loans may be an alternative.

Students are encouraged to review the supplemental loan material in the forms section of MyFinaid to assess which loan is best and how you can apply for these types of loans. Students are not packaged these loans, and applications are a separate process.