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"Access to the "Experiences of Discrimination" (EOD) instrument is free, but to gain access you need to register.

Once you register, you will have access to:
  1. a copy of the instrument in both English and Spanish, with instructions on both how to score it and how to cite it; and
  2. the validation study describing the instrument's psychometric properties.

The registration information is requested solely so that it is possible to keep track of interest in and use of the EOD.

The registration information is confidential and will be provided only to the EOD's author and will NOT be shared with anyone else."

First Name:
Last Name:
US State
If outside of US, province or state:

Special Instructions:

1. If you have issues opening the document, please rename the downloaded file as: EOD.pdf

2. Mac users must use the Safari web browser to successfuly download the document.



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